2014 Favorites, Part One.

Photos: Pinterest, Not Your Standard, Lily Pebbles.
I am a type person who likes to reflect, analyze and sum up everything; and with the year slowly coming to its end, I knew that making a round up of my 2014 favorites was just inevitable. So in the couple of blog posts I will be sharing the beauty products, fashion trends and some random things that made this year a little bit more exciting. Hopefully I will give you something new to discover and try, so scroll down to see what I have been doing, watching, listening and reading the most.
1. Instagram: I might have had my account for a while now, but it was this year that I developed some serious addiction to these charming little Instagram squares. And what was even more exciting for me was discovering so many wonderful talented people turning Instagram photos into an art and making a simple little street corner or a cup of coffee looking prettier than ever.
2. You Tube Beauty Channels: From a couple of bookmarks to an entire subscription list - watching You Tube beauty channels was definitely my favorite leisure activity of the year. Lily, Anna, Amelia, Essie, Fleur... Just some of the girls whose beauty tips I was almost religiously listening to and to whom I am actually thanking now for amazing beauty and make up finds.
3. XHit Daily: Speaking of You Tube videos, it wasn't only all fun and smiles. Once I discovered Xhit Daily it was actually some serious sweat and muscle sore too, because that channel turned out to be my number one source for a daily workout sessions. Each one lasts only ten to fifteen minutes, but is intense enough to perfectly work out an entire body or a targeted muscle group. Depending on your preferences and goals you can choose between cardio and weights/bodyweight exercies, muscle building and toning, yoga and pilates; all followed by tips, nutrition facts and recommendations. Although I have been working out throughout this year, I have to say that I have seen the real results once I discovered these videos and combined the workouts with my modified diet. I did treat myself with two week workout break during the holidays, but I simply cannot wait to get back on track again. And if your New Year resolution is to start working out or to try to workout more, I cannot recommend this channel enough.
4. Not Your Standard Blog: I quickly gave up choosing an ultimate style icon for 2014 once I realized that my mood, preferences and aesthetics have been changing and, therefore, my style inspirations. Instead I opted for choosing my favorite blog that kept making me return not only to its fashion but its decor, food and health content too. I can't remember if I started following Kayla's blog after discovering her Instagram or was it the other way around, but both are definitely worth checking out. I loved her ootds, her beautifully decorated apartments as well as her healthy recipes.
5. How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are Book: I think by now you are all familiar with the book written by the four accomplished and successful French women about how one Parisian thinks, dresses and behaves in every situation. So if you are a fan of French fashion and lifestyle and look for an easy read with funny and witty remarks, then this is the perfect book for you.
6. Flatlays: Probably the most random thing; but if I dedicate an entire Pinterest board to a selection of perfectly styled clothes, accessories, make up, flowers and many other bits and bobs; then it is worth mentioning in my favorites list.
7. Coconut oil: 2014 was definitely the year of making some major diet changes and finding healthy alternatives to all the bad ingredients I decided to cut out from my lifestyle. And using the coconut oil was probably one of the most groundbreaking ones. Not only does it benefit your health and beauty from the inside (helps you burn more fat, increases your energy expenditure) but it does from the outside too. It worked wonders for my dry hair ends, as well as my dry lips and sensitive eye area. I guess I would have to include in my beauty favorites as well!
8. Raspberry banana smoothie: The simple blend of frozen raspberries and fresh bananas is something I could have eaten every single day this year and, to tell you the truth, I probably have. Working perfectly as a breakfast when mixed with oatmeals and nuts, chia seeds and coconut flakes; or as an after-workout meal when enriched with a protein powder. Light, fullfilling and definitely worth including in your diet.
What have you been enjoying the most in the 2014? No post is complete without your feedback so feel free to leave a comment. And make sure to check out my fashion and beauty picks in the posts to come!


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