Brand Love: Nuxe.

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From Ganier, Avene, Caudalie to Nuxe. The cosmetics brands that have a "Made In France" declaration have a special place in my bathroom cabinets and my skincare regime. I don't know if that has to do with the high quality natural ingredients in these products, that little oh la la something or maybe the combination of the two, but my skin loves them. And guess what: it loves Nuxe the most. 
Nuxe is a brand whose name means nature and luxury, or nature and luxe in French. And that is exactly what their product are based on: precious botanical active ingredients with more than 80% of natural origin that are transformed into delightful textures and exquisite fragrances. Today I will share with you products I am using at the moment. Every single one I can highly recommend, just as I am sure I would be able to recommend some that I am still about to add to my collection.

Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm (get it here). The constantly dry and chopped lips are neither a pleasant sight nor feeling, and none of the lip treatments managed to solve the problem that I was having this winter. So I stepped up my game with more frequent lips scrubs and probably the most efficient lip balm out there. Nuxe Lip Balm is full of lovely natural ingredients - honey, plant oil, shear butter, to name just a few. It has a very rich texture that starts to melt immediately upon application on your lips and, unlike most lip products that just creates the barrier, it aims to nourish, repair and sooth. And a subtle citrus scent is a plus too. Since I saw the difference in my lips not longer after starting to use it as an overnight treatment, I can understand why so many consider it to be a holly grail product in their skincare routine.

Reve De Miel Nail And Hand Cream (here). Besides my lips and eyes area, it is my hands that are always in a need of an extra moisture and again Nuxe comes to the rescue. This avocado and sweet almond based hand cream is beautifully scented and lightweight, and does not leave any greasy residue. I carry it around with me when my hands and nails are in a need of nourishment and protection.

Cleansing Melting Gel (available here). This was a staple in my spring skincare routine I once shared on my blog here. Despite the fact that I use micellar water to remove make up and impurities off my face, I somehow feel that skin is perfectly clean with an use of water and cleansing gel afterwards. But I can assure you this gel perfectly cleans off your skin on its own, leaving the soft and hydrating sensation that I have never felt with any other similar product. It has a light texture and lovely smell of rose petals, and is definitely my favorite product from my little Nuxe bunch. Another skincare product that is on my wishlist? Gentle Toning Lotion (here).

Huile Prodigiuese (get it here). For a long time the words "oil" and "skincare' just didn't go together in my mind. Most of the oil based products I've tried before were just too heavy in texture and fragrance that I thought they would bring nothing more than a greasy feeling and bad breakouts. But the fact is, if you find a good quality multi-usage dry oil for your face, body and hair, your skin will be very thankful. This Nuxe one, like all the products from Nuxe range, combines a high percentage of precious plant oils such as sweet almond, hazelnut, macadamia; it is rich in vitamin E and nicely fragranced. It leaves my skin soft and velvety, and my hair ends smooth and healthy looking. Since I consider it to be a luxurious product (price tag wise) I do not use it very much, but often I turn to budget-friendly and equally efficient Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil.

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Have you tried anything from the Nuxe collection? Like always, I'm looking forward to your thoughts and
recommendations in the comments below. Hope you are having a good weekend!

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