The Disneyland Traveler, Kurt Russell, And The Throngs Of Others

Actor Kurt Russell prepares for the Candlelight Processional
(Yes.....he put on a tux for the performance)So the Disneyland Traveler and Mrs.DisneylandTraveler are actually in Disneyland this week and where this is being written. Here are some story lines that will be covered in upcoming posts.

Was the Candlelight Processional with official Disney Legend actor Kurt Russell worth the 4 hour wait?Dang it's cold here!New food items on the menus and one very old one that I never tried - the Plaza Inn chicken - maybe the best fried chicken ever.The ruination of one of Mrs. DLT's favorite Disneyland seasonal treats - a horrid pumpkin muffin.A 10 minute Christmas fireworks show?So far, heavy crowds, even on Monday.Very little buzz in the resort about the World of Color Christmas show though we haven't seen it yet.

Still so much to do. Stay tuned.